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About ME

Hammed Kayode Alabi

I am a nonprofit leader, author, spoken word poet and social entrepreneur known throughout Africa for my advocacy for education, youth, and sustainable development. I describe myself as a product of grace and circumstance. I grew up in the largest floating slum in Africa “Makoko-Nigeria”, lost my mother at age 7, and watched my father struggle to find employment and this became my motivation for empowering young leaders in my community and education offered me that pathway.

By age 15, I was already teaching in a basic rural school in Lagos and later founded a nonprofit, the Kayode Alabi Leadership and Career Initiative -KLCI. With over 100 volunteers across 6 states in Nigeria, KLCI has provided life, 21st-century skills, leadership development, and career readiness training to over 6500 secondary school students in rural communities in Nigeria.


I also created the teachers-in-training fellowship that has empowered 70 student-teachers in Nigeria with innovative teaching methodologies. Outside of KLCI, I have worked with Peace First as a Regional Manager and board member supporting youth social innovation in over 150 countries.
My work has earned me several awards including the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship to complete an MSc in Africa and International Development at the University of Edinburgh.