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Hammed Kayode Alabi

Award-winning Social Impact Leader| Author| Poet
Social Entrepreneur| Educator

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I am Hammed Kayode Alabi.

I want to help other people cross and help young people in underserved communities to change the circumstances they have inherited through access to education, skills and opportunities. I do not know when I will achieve my ideal world, but I will die trying to make the lives of other people better and I know somebody else will carry on the cause. I may be able to inspire a million or not but what I will be proud of is that I have made one person smile. I have watched them grow to change  their circumstances and they can transform themselves and their family. And they can have the courage to also help another person cross and change their circumstances too.”

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Social Entrepreneur




Education, Africa and International Development

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Youth Activism


Positive Philanthropy

What They’re Saying About Me

Thank you very much Hammmed Kayode Alabi, for walking us through your amazing journey. I had goosebumps allover though the reading. God bless all that you do. Congratulations!

Thomas AyimAPL participant at Havard University

You are one of the strongest fighter i have come acrosss, and still fighting through with so much reliance. Congratulations

Catherine KantonoWriter Administrator & Co-founder at Alke Health

Enjoying your series in a a profund way. You are definitely a great guy and i cant wait to see you play on a more global stage. Taken the time to reinforce the lessons life has taught you to emerging young leaders shows how much your heart to see young people blossom. Thank you

Itofa IvarahNon-Profit Management

This is definitely one of the best books i have read.Thank you for sharing apart of you with us.

Oluwatobi Sunday MalomoEducation USA OFP Scholar

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